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Highly rated 5 & 7 hour online video training courses on Udemy.

A step by step method to take your clients though a complete program of past life regression sessions, and hypnotherapy with age regression sessions.

Manual and scripts. Full lifetime access. Certificate of completion. 30 day money back guarantee.

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Hypnotherapy & Past Life Regression

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We create training courses for Udemy on past life regression, hypnotherapy and NLP.
We create audio sessions of past life regression, hypnotherapy and NLP free on Youtube, and for download on Amazon and iTunes.

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Udemy Hypnotherapy Hypnosis Past Life Regression Certification Training Hypnosis Certificate Online
Past life regression training Udemy
Hypnotherapy hypnosis certification training certificate udemy

Past Life Regression - Therapist Training

Online video training course on Udemy

A step by step method to take your clients though a complete program of past life regression sessions. Watch the trailer. Buy on Udemy for $9.99 with the coupon PLR999 given in this link.

Buy on Udemy - $9.99

Hypnotherapy with Age Regression

Online video training course on Udemy

A step by step method to take your clients though a complete program of hypnotherapy sessions, centred around age regression. Watch the trailer. Buy on Udemy for $9.99 with the coupon HYP999 given in this link.

buy on udemy - $9.99

Rated & Reviewed

More than 376 students already joined our first course.

I did my first PLR session today. It was amazing! I followed your outline! After being a hypnotherapist since 2001. PLR got my client directly to the root cause of her issue even before I was done explaining the process and what is expected of her. My client informed me she has been in therapy for many years and this is the first time she was able to get such clarity.

Thanks for creating this course and sharing your very valuable experience...

Esther - Udemy

I have done a past life regression course on Udemy before with another instructor and have found Mark's course to be much more in-depth, informative and practical. I really enjoy the structure that I can take forward into my practice. Thank you for setting this course up and I look forward to attending your next courses.

Donovan - Udemy

Most important reasons I am really enjoying this course are his pace and clarity of speech. The information is excellent, jives with my own experiences as a client . . . as well as new information to help me move forward as a practitioner.

Susan - Udemy

Highly recommended! I really enjoyed this course! It was very interesting and informative! The instructor, Mark Beale, was easy to listen to and presented the course material in an orderly and easy to understand manner.

Peter - Udemy

I'm about halfway though the course (one sitting) and I am thoroughly enjoying it.

This is really meaty information that I will use in healing sessions!!

Antoinette - Udemy

Very in depth course with very valuable scripts. So much good information which I feel will be easy to apply. Thank you

Yvonne - Udemy


Our training is practical. Tools and insights you can use.

Video Training

Video Training

This is a practical course you can use to refresh, compliment or add to live training. It covers all the aspects you need to complete a program of Past Life Regression Therapy sessions, from the first step to the last. 

Detailed Practical Scripts

Detailed Practical Scripts

Scripts for three Past Life Regression Therapy sessions that you can use word for word, with a beginning (hypnosis, age regression and initial past life entry), middle (past life insights from past lives), to the end (formal final therapeutic resolutions.)

Expert Teachers

Expert Teachers

In addition to scripts and techniques, you get a commentary so you know why you are doing it, what not to do. The instructor shares many of the variations of reactions you can get from your clients, based on personal experience from thousands of sessions. 

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Mark Beale

Trainer, Hypnotherapy, NLP, PLRT

Mark is an NGH hypnotherapy instructor, NLP master trainer, hypnotherapist and past life regression therapist and with over a dozen years of full time experience, including training and practice in India, and in top wellness resorts from his base in Thailand.

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